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What is ANDECO?

The organization International Network of Promoters of Ecotourism in Andalucia, ANDECO, was founded on the 3rd. of August 1999 and its headquarters is in Marbella (Malaga, Spain). It is a non governmental, non profit organization with national and international members and its principal objective is the Promotion of Ecotourism in Andalucia and International Cooperation with Latin America.

Under the motto: "Conserving Nature, Supporting the Development of the Community and Ensuring Conscientious and Solidarity Tourism" ANDECO plans to increase the bonds between Andalucia and Latin America; twinning ecotourism programs with the best environmental practices that benefit the community and support the most needy children. Ecotourism is is conscientious, responsible, solidarity and sustainable. It is a Tourism of Peace.

ANDECO works to transmit the recommendations drawn up by the World Tourism Organization and Agenda 21 as regards tourism certification, biodiversity and sustainability; recognizing, valuing and incorporating the wisdom of all the indigenous peoples of the world. ANDECO conceives ecotourism as a tool for the conservation of nature, biodiversity and sustainable development.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) estimates that in recent decades ecotourism activities have increased rapidly and it is expected that this increase will continue into the future. Currently there exist a large number of ecotourists from the north of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world who are looking for natural areas, opportunities for photography, research, adventure and knowledge of the natural and cultural values of the nature reserves that they visit, expecting these to be in pristine condition. They want a greater interaction with the communities, an active involvement with their people. This demand is giving rise to a worldwide explosion in ecotourism. Its growth is estimated at 30% annualy as opposed to traditional tourism which is growing at 7% per year.

ANDECO listens to and respects the voices of the indigenous people of all continents, who believe that the Earth is our mother. We honour their wisdom and we deeply value their legacy so that in this way they can contribute to the restoration of Nature. It is our objective to promote a true and certified ecotourism that shows and traverses the path that the indigenous traditions have traced out, those traditions that have endowed the earth with a sacred significance establishing a deep connection between the past, present and future, recognizing and respecting the Laws of Nature and the Principles of the Universe.


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