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5th Fishing World Cup 2012
Advancing Towards a Culture of Peace

An international fishing tournament where fishermen from all over the world had the opportunity to share techniques and experiences. It is the most important fishing tournament on behalf of the conservation of marine life to raise awareness that the seas and oceans must be protected.

The World Sports Fishing Federation orgnized the 5th Fishing World Cup, which was held in the city of Marbella from the 26th to the 28th of October 2012. This tournament promoted interest in fishing and the exchange of methods and techniques, as well as fostering ties of friendship and international relations in sport fishing, with the aim of strengthening cooperation beyond the divisions of race and culture, advancing towards a Culture of Peace. Previously the "Fishing World Cup" had been held in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Now it arrived to Marbella Bay and tookj place in the spot known to fishermen as Placer de las Bóvedas. More than 140 fishermen from all over the world registered to take part.

The president of the World Sports Fishing Federation, Mr. Tae Geun Yoon and his vicepresident Mr. Won-Kyu Yim, came to Marbella came from South Korea to inaugurate this important international competition.

The inauguration was held on the 26th of October at 18:15 in the Convention Centre of Marbella. There were several musical performances among which Irene Sola de las Morenas and Cecilia González Alberdi, two dancers from the Marbella Conservatory, stood out. Words of welcome were delivered by different authorities, among them Federico Vallés, alderman responsible for Sport in the Marbella Town Hall.

During the inauguration several stands were put up so that different associations, NGOs and businesses could promote their brochures and publicity.

On the 27th a video report was shown in the San Cristobal hotel about fishing in Japan. Those attending were offered the chance to simple Sushi (traditional Japanaese cuisine) with Green tea.

On the 28th an interesting simposium about the Mediterranean Sea was held in the Blue Room of the Convention Centre. There were three presentations. The first was given by Maribel Sánchez, biologist of the association ANDECO, about “The Mediterranean and Sport Fishing”. The second by Mr. Hideo Oyamada on the subject of “Preservation of Marine Resources and the Hobby Industry of the 21st Century”. The third presentation “Fishing and Environmental Sustainability” was given by Ambassador for Peace Mr. Jose Luis Barcelo and in the final presentation Mr. Tim Miller spoke about “Principles of Cooperation, Peace and Value-based Leadership”.

During the evening of the same day, the Closing Ceremony with the awarding of prizes in cash and medals was held in the Hotel Fuerte Marbella. Manuel Garcia Oliveros from Marbella was the winner of the V World Fishing Tournament in the deep sea fishing event, &ldquyo;Fishing World Cup 2012”. By team the Marbella Fishing Society was the winner and by nation, Spain.

Representing the Town Hall alderman for Sport, Federico Vallés and the alderman for beaches, Antonio Espada attended the trophy award ceremony which closed the event. During the ceremony the flag was handed over to the Russian delegation since it is Russia which will host the next event.

The local Marbella TV station and several journalists were present. Everybody was happy, especially those who received the prizes. The participants left happy, glad that they had participated but at the same time sad to leave us because they have created bonds of friendship and cooperation that will last for the rest of their lives.

Sport brings people together and the sea is a treasure that guarantees a prosperous future for humanity. Those who are concerned about the future of humanity must also be concerned about the oceans. Loving and protecting the oceans we will inherit the future.

This important international fishing competition was organized with the cooperation of the Marbella Town Hall Office of Sports, the Sports Fishing Society of Marbella, the Spanish Fishing Federation, the Andalucian Sports Fishing Federation and ANDECO, Promoters of Ecotourism in Andalucia and International Cooperation with Latin America.

1º Prize: 20,000 US Dollars and a Trophy
2º Prize: 5,000 US Dollars and a Trophy
3º Prize: 2,000 US Dollars and a Trophy
Special Prize: Medal for the heaviest fish
Special Prize: Medals for the national team with the best results

Tournament Timetable:
First Day: Friday 26 October 2012
Opening Ceremony and Explanation of the Rules
Second Day: Saturday 27 October 2012
Competition of 7 hours
Third Day: Sunday 28 October 2012
Semifinal, Final and Closing Ceremony with Prize Giving

Organizers and Collaborators:
World Sports Fishing Federation (WSFF)
Marbella Town Hall Sports Office
Marbella Sports Fishing Society
Spanish Fishing Federation
Andalucian Federation of Sports Fishing
ANDECO. Ecotourism in Andalucia and International Cooperation with Latin America

International Website:
Spanish Website:

According to the World Sports Fishing Federation the ocean is the true source of alternative energy. The future of humanity is in the energy of marine hydrogen. Water covers two thirds of the earth’s surface. In other words two thirds of the raw material that humanity needs for its future are found in the oceans. There will be no future for humanity if ti does not have the resources of the oceans. The lack of food will mean a serious crisis for humanity in the future. To construct a world of peace we will have to first resolve this shortage. What we currently produce on the limited arable land is not sufficient to feed the entire population of the world. Therefore we have to look for the solution in the ocean. The sea is the key to solve the future food crisis.

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