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One Earth, one Heart
We are all One

ANDECO listens to and respects the voices of the Native Indigenous Peoples of all the continents; those who consider that the Earth is our Mother. We honour their wisdom and we deeply value their legacy so that they can contribute to the restoration of Nature.

We recognize the path that the indigenous traditions have traced out endowing the Earth with a sacred significance, establishing a deep link between the past, present and future and respecting the laws of Nature. The healing of the planet and its people demands the creation of a new culture based on heart, founded on the Principles of the Universe. A new culture that guides us to love nature, protect the family, serve the community and respect cultural diversity, equality, liberty, transparancy, responsibility, simplicity and peace.

From ANDECO we unite with the ancestral wisdom of all the Native Indigenous Peoples of the Earth. We listen to their voices and we are grateful for their silent work and extraordinary contribution.
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