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Ecotourism Code of Ethics
The Ecotourism Code of Ethics views Ecotourism as conscientious, responsible, solidary and sustainable, like a tourism of peace. Under our motto: "Conserving Nature, Supporting the development of the community and Ensuring Conscientious and Solidary Tourism", we adhere to the seven principles of Martha Honey which have been a vital guide in the drawing up of our Code of Ethics.

The 7 Principles of Ecotourism proposed by Martha Honey
It involves travel to natural destinations
It keeps environmental impacts to a minimum
It promotes an ecological awareness
It provides direct financial benefits to conservation
It provides financial benefits to and a strengthening of local communities
It respects local culture
It supports human rights and democratic movements

ANDECO published the first Ecotourism Code of Ethics in Andalucia in November 2006.

Andeco believes that certification is part of the process of introducing true ecoturism. One has to begin by training and working to implement exemplary environmental practices among businesses, visitors, local people, local government and regional government; establishing a pilot scheme through which lessons are good practices are learned to analyze and look for replies that contribute to a joint promotion of ecotourism certification.

In ANDECO we adhere to the principles of both the Earth Charter and the Indigenous Peoples Earth Charter, sharing the worldwide responsibility to restore and protect the Earth.

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