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Peace and Sustainability
UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization) affirms that “To live in a peaceful and secure environment is fundamental for development and human dignity. Given that Sustainable Development touches all aspects of human life, teaching and learning Sustainable Development must include social, economic, environmental and cultural perspectives”....To this we should add that when we speak about Sustainability we must integrate the concept of Spirituality.

At this time humanity faces an extraordinary opportunity to create a new way of life in the world, a new way of understanding it; a culture of peace and sustainability based on the recognition that all life is interconnected and that we are all one. This can only be achieved through a profound transformation of the heart.

The concept of sustainable development must explain and take in the indigenous traditions which have endowed the earth with a sacred significance establishing a deep connection between the past, present and future, recognizing and respecting the laws of nature and the principles of the universe.

Total ecology considers that everything is interconnected and that all of us have to take care of everyone. True Sustainability is living for the sake of others. If we observe nature we realize that each species lives sacrificing itself for the well being of other species, for the well being of the whole, of the totality. Living together taking care of each is a universal principle.

True sustainability must be based on the recognition of and respect for the laws of nature. The universe is governed by principles which are present everywhere and these principles have been designed by God, our creator. A good tree always gives good fruit; therefore if we plant spiritual values such as honesty, compassion, generosity and love, since we are all interconnected, we will harvest good fruit for the present and future generations.

When God created us he gave us three great blessings: “Be fruitful, multiply and take dominion over the earth”...These three blessings are the purpose of the creation and the will of the Creator, the goals of our lives. These principles are imprinted on our conscience and guide us throughout our lives to live in accordance with the purpose for which we have been created. To develop our heart and our character through the universal principles is the basis of peace and harmony.

For ANDECO true sustainability must be based on these three principles:
1. Ecology of the Heart
Be fruitful”...Develop a good character, healing the heart through our connection with the Creator, our relationship with God, sowing love, generosity and compassion and overcoming our selfishness. Become persons of integrity.

2. Ecology of the Family
Multiply”... Nature lives in harmony. Build families and communities of peace, developing the heart through family relations, sowing love, generosity and compassion in the community. The family is the School of Love, where bonds of affection are developed, where one learns principles and values and unconditional love in all relations. The family is thus the basci component of a world where all people live without barriers.

3. Ecology of the Creation
Take dominion over the earth...” Develop, with love, creative techniques and abilities for nature, creating a good, sustainable ecological environment governed in harmony with everything that surrounds us, developing wellbeing, peace and prosperity for all. Develop a relationship with the creation, caring for and protecting nature with love and creativity. Through creativity we take responsability to take care of and develop a world for the benefit of everyone.

ANDECO's vision is that true sustainability must take account of the preservation the natural inheritance of the earth and the heritage of our ancestors and contribute to understanding and peace between the diverse peoples of the planet. It must preserve the living heritage of the earth, its biological, cultural and ethnic diversity in order to live harmoniously with the environment. It must show the way to raise awareness that the natural inheritance of the earth must be maintained so that future generations prosper spiritually, culturally and economically. It must promote a coming together among the peoples of the planet, maintaining respect for and defense of ethnic, cultural and biological diversity, within a setting of sustainable development.

We are called to assist the Earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own — indeed, to embrace the whole creation in all its diversity, beauty and wonder. This will happen if we see the need to revive our sense of belonging to a larger family of life, with which we have shared our evolutionary process.” ~Prof. Wangari Maathai

The healing of the earth and its people demands the creation of a new culture founded upon ethical and universal principles that guide us all to live with prudence, care and respect for diversity, solidarity and service to the community. It calls us to live with justice, freedom, transparency, honesty, integrity and responsability and the rediscovery our roots and original ancestral wisdom for the benefit of all humanity. The shortest path to protect nature is to develop a heart that loves it. We have to become aware that nature is our best teacher and to think of nature as a cosmic museum teaching love.